Monday, May 30, 2005

Lodge History--start at bottom, please.

One year I got a Christmas present from Lizzard, and it only cost me a hunnerd bucks!!! But that's a whole other story....... Posted by Hello

Another view....... Posted by Hello

Christmas a few years back. Posted by Hello

And early this spring, 2005. Posted by Hello

Last fall at the Ottertail. Posted by Hello

First winter at Ottertail Lodge. Posted by Hello

Vandals caught in the act! Drawing on the walls....... Posted by Hello

Finally, all closed in. Posted by Hello

After a long weekend of work, this is how it looked.  Posted by Hello

My folks kept an eye on the project, checking for plumb walls and helping with some of the "roughing in" work. Posted by Hello

Welcome help from sis. Posted by Hello

Another view... the last 8 feet of the building was going to be open under the roof and to be used as a place for the maple syrup evaporator. We changed our minds midway throught the construction and added walls out to the end of the slab. Posted by Hello

Walls are up and Bryn takes a short break. Posted by Hello

They were justifiably proud of their efforts! Posted by Hello

and Rose and Bryn converted them to roof trusses on the flat concrete floor. Posted by Hello

The slab is ready and rafter material awaits.... Posted by Hello

So, we started with piles of lumber, nails, wire, rafter gussets, etc, etc. Posted by Hello

Ottertail Lodge is a welcome destination after a long day afield (or just coming home from work). The golden color of the lodge's siding comes from a natural patina on the rough sawn White Pine lumber. This is how it looked last winter (2004/5).
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